To help ensure the protection of employees and test takers and to remain in compliance with governmental mandates and recommendations, the following safety practices will be utilized throughout the testing process:

• Practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet always
• Testing computers, desk, mouse pads and chairs, designated to test takers will be sanitized prior to and upon completion of each sitting
• Doorknobs, desk and chairs occupied by test invigilators will be treated the same
• Hands will be sanitized upon arrival and temperature will be taken and recorded
• Masks must be on before entering the Chubb Building. Any test taker that comes to the building without a mask will not be allowed to test, marked

  as a ‘no show’, and will not be eligible for a free reschedule. However, once seated at your designated computer, you may remove your mask, if

  you wish. 

• All test takers will meet in lobby of Chubb building no later than 9:10 the morning of their exam
• There is a maximum number of 4 persons at each sitting
• The group will be escorted to the testing room by one of the test invigilators and asked to stand on the designated spots until called for check in

• Test taker may bring theirr own calculator, pen, pencil and hand sanitizer.  However, these items can also be supplied by the BII along with

  Scratch Paper.


NOTE: If you fall into any of the following categories on the day or testing, you will not be permitted to test until you no longer fit the criteria:


1. Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days
2. Are experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms, OR
3. Have returned from travel to a highly infected area in the past 14-days

If any of the above applies to you, please reschedule your exam by calling (441) 295-1596.


Sign in/out Procedures (always maintain social distancing)

• On entering the room hands will be sanitized by BII staff or use your own sanitizer
• Once at the sign in desk:
    - hold valid ID so the invigilator is able to read information
    - using the sanitized pen that is given to you or your personal pen, sign in and take that same pen to your designated computer. Your scratch                          paper and pencil will be at your assigned space
    - turn off all cell phones
• Have a seat at your computer station and wait for further instructions
• Once your exam has been submitted and your result is on the screen, the invigilator will instruct you to approach the desk to sign out using the   

  same pen that you signed in with and at the same time return scratch paper and BII pen to invigilator then exit.
• Your exam result paper will be given to you after exiting the room
• Proceed directly to the lobby and exit the building.
• If you must go to the rest rooms there will only be 2 persons permitted at the same time.