All study material must be ordered on line from The (American) Institute’s website or by calling them at (610) 644-2101. It is in your interest to order your materials as soon as possible and to start reading in preparation for your class or exam.


Once on the website move your pointer to On Line Shopping and click on Shopping Home, move to New Student and click to create ID and Pin. Fill in New Customer Form. If you are a new student leave the Social Security # space blank and they will assign you a number. Do not enter a Bermuda Social Insurance # in that space.

Read carefully and follow the instructions for an International Address. For both the Office and Home address do not use the city, state, or ZIP code fields. Enter your street address in Line1, Line2, Line3, and enter Bermuda in the Country field. Be sure to include a fax number as this is essential for ordering outside the US. The last item is a privacy question. We encourage you to read the Student Information Release Policy and NOT tick the box. Please note that the information that can be released by the AICPCU is limited and restricting the release of the information impedes the BII from honouring students when they successfully complete a designation.

Once this information is submitted you will be given a Pin # and an ID #. You may wish to make a copy of this information. After receiving your ID & PIN # click Start Shopping, Yes to the Security Question, then on Exam or Program. To order the material for the selected course(s) click on Choose an Exam and click on Show Materials.

Choose the exam period you will be sitting your exam in (as this determines what edition of the books you receive) and click on materials for that period. The Bermuda exam periods and their registration dates are detailed on You should order the Required Materials Package which includes the Text Book(s), Course Guide (work-book), and the Handbook (if applicable). NB: there is no longer a CD-ROM Practice Exam Disk available for purchase however, the purchase of the Course Guide gives you online access to practice exams (the access code on the back cover). All other items are optional – note SMART Study Aids are also very helpful and can be ordered separately or in the Comprehensive Package option.

Orders shipped to Bermuda usually take a minimum of three to four days to arrive depending on the shipping method. The fastest and most expensive is courier / UPS. If a US postal address is used (eg: ZipX, Mailboxes) it will take over a week and if regular airmail is used it may take several weeks. Please note that shipping costs vary quite considerably and you would be sensible to get a quote for several different shipping methods as it may result in significant savings for just one order. If appropriate and permitted, we would suggest using your office address so there will be someone available during working hours to accept the shipment. Make sure when filling in the details that you tick International Order and provide a fax # as you will be contacted by the AICPCU regarding shipping costs before the order is processed.